Wax Elegancia

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Dexterous fashion expression of a perfect blend of passion, intricacy, elegance, and grand style.

About Us

Wax Elegancia

Proud Ghanaian-born business owner who started and furthered her career as professional nurse till her awakening moment, Sonya Oguin, has an instinct for fashion designing ever since she was a child, and a keen insight on how to develop fashion designs depending on the wax fabric even as a child – her designs always came out amazing and compliments followed suit.

 Creative Design

Experience, expertise, and passion account for all the amazing designs by Wax Elegancia – all it takes to birth stylish creations for the fashion pleasure of our customers is reachable here. Every one of Wax Elegancia’s designs sparks with a radiance of excellent delivery and elegance, which keeps our customers delighted and in awe of our craft. 

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